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Zendog on Church

Hi to all of you furry friend lovers,

Finally, after founding Zendog services as a walking company, we have our very own centre

in a dedicated building at 584 Church Street Toronto.

After two months of hard work, we opened our ‘softly’ on Monday June 19th, and are really encouraged and

excited by the reactions of the many visitors over the Pride weekend!

The retail shop is up and running well, with customers browsing the variety and uniqueness of the items, which include cake and ice cream mix for those hot

summer pooch days.

We also welcomed a few daycare guests, among them Emma, Buttons, Coco and Sayen.

We are very fortunate to have Zerrin, an expert groomer with 16 years experience joining the team and opening the grooming department on the 4th of July.

We are planning to be very much a part of the community and are connecting with organizations to help in the efforts to adopt as many of our canine friends as possible, and help give them a warm home.

Our first feature book in store is called ‘Finding Gobi’ an amazing true story by Dion Leonard and his successful efforts to adopt a dog who adopted him while running an ultra-marathon in China. It is a heartwarming read, and you can pick up a copy in store. In the pipeline are dates for celebration with our furry families as well as prize

competitions and colourful events at Zendog.

In short, we invite you to explore our new website that is full of all the information, descriptions and pricing at the centre, and as Monty Python famously said "and now for something completely different!" and that is

what Zendog is.

Stay tuned for our grand opening invitation..

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call/email us.


The Zendog Team

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