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"Retailer Hosting Unique Outdoor Dog Fashion Show in Toronto’s Church St. Village on Thursday: To celebrate the launch of Fall/Winter season, Zendog Pet Services is hosting an outdoor Doggie Fashion Show on Thursday, October the 10th at 7:00pm. The front yard of Zendog’s retail space at 584 Church Street (one block north of Wellesley Street) will feature a runway with a variety of ‘Pooper Models’ strutting the latest in accessories, outerwear and even Halloween costumes.

Zendog offers a variety of services including training (puppy and adult classes), daycare, dog walking, boarding, grooming, and informative seminars. Over the last two years the company says that it has built a reputation in providing the best care and products for its clientele. The retailer also supports various rescue organizations like Save our Scruff.

Zendog has just expanded its retail square footage to include the front half of the second floor of a heritage building that, like many on the street, were homes in decades past. A colder than normal winter is said to be in the forecast for the GTA and the retailer encourages pet owners to dress their little ones accordingly."

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