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Initiative CB

Initiative CB (Cigarette Butt) mission is to eradicate cigarettes butts waste from our country, starting with our village.

Cigarette Butts are everywhere, dumped on the streets, parks, lakes and balconies. You see them everywhere! Unfortunately, people do not see it as waste, but it is!  It is a terrible one that does not decompose, and adds to the destruction of wildlife.

According to in 2016, 5.7 TRILLION cigarettes were smoked globally.

It is estimated that one out of every three cigarette butts ends up on the streets, in our lakes, on our beaches and anywhere BUT where it belongs (garbage bins for recycling). With a little help from you we can start making a change.

For every 500 ml liter bottle filled with cigarette butts (gross we know) brought to our store, you will receive a 25% discount at our retail store on two items of your choice. (excluding food). 

Where to start?

Come by our store starting September 1, 2018, get a pair of gloves (free), grab one of your empty 500 ml bottles, be a part of making a difference, and also get a discount when buying your pooch and/or kitty products in our store. It's a no brainer!

Initiative CB is dedicated to the elimination of cigarette butt waste from our environment.

What does Zendog do with the bottles filled with cigarette butts I bring in?

It is simple, we ship them to TerraCycle which then recycle them into ashtrays, shipping pallets, or plastic lumber such as park benches and more.

Let's Butt Cigarette Butts out of our city!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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